Touring Exhibitions    
January 20, 2001 to
April 8, 2001
New Mexico Museum of Natural History
and Science, Albuquerque, New Mexico
April 28, 2001 to
September 9, 2001
American Museum of Natural History,
New York, New York
October 14, 20001 to
January 6, 2002
The Chicago Academy of Sciences Peggy
Notebaert Nature Museum, Chicago, Illinois
February 23, 2002 to
May 19, 2002
The Cleveland Museum of Natural History,
Cleveland, Ohio
June 15, 2002 to
September 2, 2002
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History,
Fort Worth, Texas
October 5, 2002 to
May 1, 2003
Fernbank Museum of Natural History,
Atlanta, Georgia
June 15, 2003 to
December 15, 2003
The Newark Museum,
Newark, New Jersey
January 15, 2004 to
April 15, 2004
The Virginia Museum of Natural History,
Martinsville, Virginia
May 15 to
August 31, 2004
The Carnegie Museum of Natural History,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 1 to
December 31, 2004
The Smithsonian Institution (National Museum
of Natural History), Washington, DC
Date not yet chosen Southwest Museum of Technology,
The Science Place & TI Founders IMAX Theater,
Dallas, Texas
Date not yet chosen Houston Museum of Natural Science,
Houston, Texas
Date not yet chosen Paleontological Research Institution
Ithaca, New York
Date not yet chosen South Dakota Art Museum
Brookings, South Dakota


Non-Touring Exhibition Institutional Exhibitions
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(The exhibits are of varying size, differ from the traveling exhibit, and usually have more recent images.)
February 1, 2005 to
April 30, 2005
Pacific Science Center
Seattle, Washington
September 29, 2000 to
April 29, 2001
The University of Michigan, Exhibit Museum
of Natural History, Ann Arbor, Michigan
September 15, 2001 to
January 1, 2002
Miami Museum of Science
Miami, Florida
March/April, 2002 Syracuse University
Syracuse, New York
August/November, 2002 Creative Photographic Art Center of Maine
Lewiston, Maine
February/May, 2003 Southeast Museum of Photography
Daytona, Florida
March 7, 2003 to
April 13, 2003
Delaware Center for Contemporary Art
Wilmington, Delaware
Date not yet chosen Mint Museum of Art
Charlotte, North Carolina
Dates variable
Usually about three a year.
University of Maryland University College
Maryland Resident Artists Exhibition Program
Adelphi, Maryland
Date not yet chosen Colorado Photographic Arts Center
Denver, Colorado
Date not yet chosen American Visionary Arts Museum
Baltimore, Maryland
2004 Museum fur Naturkunde
Chemnitz, Germany


Public Collections
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The University of Michigan Exhibit
Museum of Natural History
Ann Arbor, Michigan
The University of Michigan
Museum of Art
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Miami Museum of Science
Miami, Florida
Mint Museum of Art
Charlotte, North Carolina
University of Maryland University College
Adelphi, Maryland
Ackland Art Museum
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
The American Museum of Natural History
New York, New York
Nelson Atkins Museum of Fine Arts
Kansas City, Missouri
New Orleans Museum of Art
New Orleans, Louisiana
Southeastern Museum of Photography
Daytona Beach, Florida
University Art Museum
The University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Nassau County Museum of Art
Roslyn Harbor, New York
The Dayton Art Institute
Dayton, Ohio
Springfield Museum of Art
Springfield, Ohio
Creative Photographic Art
Center of Maine
Lewiston, Maine
Center for Photography at Woodstock
Woodstock, New York
Paleontological Research Institution
Ithaca, New York

In the process of being archived:
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Indianapolis, Indiana
Utah Museum of Fine Arts
Salt Lake City, Utah
The Charleston Museum
Charleston, South Carolina
Syracuse University Art Collection
Syracuse, New York
Museum fur Naturkunde
Chemnitz, Germany


Selected Book Reviews Top of Page
Journal of Biological Communication: 27(4), 2000
Professional Photographer: February, 2001
Camera Work: Spring, 2001
Hasselblad Forum: April, 2001
Lapidary Journal: April, 2001
New Scientist: May, 2001
American Scientist: May/June, 2001
Photovision: May/June, 2001


Selected Articles Top of Page
Hasselblad Forum: January, 1998
Hopkins Magazine: April, 1998
View Camera: January/February, 2000
Natural History: June, 2000
Photo District News: March, 2001
Rock and Gem: June, 2001
Rangefinder: June, 2001
Photo Techniques: March/April, 2002
Shutterbug: In Press 2001
Photovision: May/June, 2001




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